Friday, September 26, 2008

The Library has opened...

Not content with releasing a weekly podcast and producing wonderful audio dramas, Jack and Shannon from the Sonic Society have now started to podcast their writing at The Library of Jack and Shannon. They're starting by reading two novels (one written by each, and narrated by the other), releasing a chapter from both books every week.

Shannon Hilchie's book is Hugo and Alice and is about a man whose normal life is interrupted by some fantastical events - who is Alice and why is the government interested in her? Jack Ward's book is The Signet: Book 1 of the Age of Adventure and is a story about a boy's adventures, including being kidnapped by pirates (three times!) and finding himself in another world.

I can't tell you much more than that since they've only released a few chapters, but I'm really enjoying them both! I'm glad that they decided to go for straight readings without background music or other actors - the style works for some podcast novels, but since these are quite descriptive I think it would have been a distraction. I've listened to a number of podcast novels and these are certainly amongst the best written I've heard, as well as being exciting stories - just the thing to curl up in front of a fire with now the nights are getting shorter. So head over to The Library and check out some episodes!

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