Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Launch of Echo Fiction

The 'year of audio drama' continued with the launch of Echo Fiction on the first of September. Echo Fiction is a new online store for audio drama created by Xander Davies of Dreamseed productions and their mission is

"to create a powerful platform for audio drama production companies worldwide to come together, pool their creative talent and their audio entertainment productions for a definitive audio drama online store and creators' resource."

There are many titles here from amateur and professionals alike, some to buy and download and some for free streaming. Most, if not all, of these titles can be found elsewhere (either from existing podcasts or to buy through other stores), but it's a well designed website which can only raise the profile of audio drama. I particularly like the fact that it includes audio dramas from such a diverse set of production companies ranging from the amateur to the very successful Big Finish (I was very excited at first until I realised that there are only brief audio clips, but I suppose it may bring some of their large audience to the lesser know productions).

The web site also has other features - a forum, blog, casting calls and articles.

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