Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wireless Theatre

I can highly recommend the Wireless Theatre Company. They've got some amazing plays and stories to download - this is top-notch writing, acting and production, with a modern style and stories to make you think. More please!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Discuss audio dramas

Are you wanting to discuss your favourite audio dramas with other listeners? I've been sent a link to Radioplay Contests which has a forum to discuss audio dramas. They also have a section for auditioning for minor roles and are starting a podcast. Darker Projects also has a forum.

If you're wanting more serious discussions about the future of audio drama there's a Modern Audio Drama forum and there are some interesting discussions at Final Rune.

If you know of other places leave a link in the comments.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Radio soap starts podcast

The BBC Radio 4 soap The Archers has just started being distributed as a podcast. This is the first BBC radio drama to be podcast, and hopefully won't be the last.

The Archers has been running since 1950 and features the lives of a small farming community in Britain. Unlike US soaps it is a bit more realistic and less sensationalist - it intersperses stories about normal village life (which can be a little banal!) with more exciting stories. For any newcomers to Ambridge, the website contains more information and background than you'd ever want to know!

Update: Another BBC radio soap Silver Street from the BBC Asian Network is also now being podcast. It's a "gritty daily radio soap set in a vibrant urban community".

Friday, October 12, 2007

Review: Firefly, Old Wounds

Aah, Firefly. Amazing show, tragic cancellation, grrr Fox!

Ok, now that's out of the way, let's discuss the audio drama Firefly: Old Wounds. This drama takes place between the TV series and the film Serenity, and involves all the main characters from the TV series plus two new main characters. It was produced by sonic cinema and has six episodes, each of which also has interviews with the actors and writers.

I've been intending to review this show for ages but wanted to re-listen to it first so have only now got around to it. Now I should admit that I'm a HUGE Firefly fan, but putting that aside I still think this is an amazing production. Having 11 main characters could be very difficult for the listener, but the writers and actors do a great job in capturing the different characters voices, idioms and speech patterns which helps a lot. (If you haven't seen the TV show though it might be difficult to follow the different characters - in which case you should go and watch it!) The sound production is also good (though some of Jayne's lines are rather muffled) and there's some interesting plot lines. Firefly is a show which should adapt well to audio since it is very character and dialogue driven, and the writers do a great job at capturing the atmosphere and dialogue of the original. My one quibble is that I'd have preferred one less additional character in order to have more time for the original characters. Oh, and I nearly forgot the wonderful original theme song! Definitely check this out if you haven't already done so.

And maybe one day there'll be another audio drama, or even TV series! I'm always hopeful...

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Buffy returns!

Attention all Buffy fans - the first episode of the Buffy audio drama "Buffy between the lines" was podcast today. This story takes place after season 5 of the TV series and starts with Buffy's friends dealing with her death.

I've just listened to the first episode and, while there are few teething issues (there are some sound problems, and the timings are a bit off in places), it looks like it could be a good series. There's some good acting - particularly Spike, Anya and Xander - though I did find it very difficult to differentiate the female characters. Buffy fans should have a listen.

Monday, October 1, 2007

BBC radio

This week BBC Radio 7 are rebroadcasting the multi-award winning "Bleak House" adapted from Charles Dickens' novel. It's an amazing production - dark and atmospheric - and definitely the best of Dickens' stories in my opinion. Like all BBC productions it will be on their website for a week.

Also on R7 this week are the repeats of last years Big Finish "Doctor who" audios (hopefully preceding some new ones!), and Douglas Adams' "Dirk Gentley's Holistic Detective Agency" is starting on BBC Radio 4 on Wednesday 3rd October. Oh, and I know it's not really drama, but there's a new series of the hilarious Old Harry's Game on R4! We're positively being spoilt!

NATF 2008 script contest

The National Audio Theatre has just posted their 2008 script contest. The deadline is Nov 15th - see the site for details. The National Audio Theatre also has various resources for writing and directing audio dramas including an annual workshop and online textbook "The Well-Tempered Audio Dramatist".