Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Fall of Troy

I don't normally re-listen to audio dramas I've already heard, but I'm making an exception for this fantastic version of "Troy" on BBC7. It tells the story of the fall of Troy and the Trojan war through the various characters in a very atmospheric and poetic way. There's also some wonderfully haunting music.

The first episode is up for a week, followed by the next two.

Troy - King Priam and his Sons
The first of Andrew Rissick's trio of compelling plays re-telling the story of events leading up to, and following the fall of Troy. As the Trojan King and his wife expect their second son, the Gods warn that disaster looms if the child lives. A distinguished cast includes: Paul Scofield, Toby Stephens, Emma Fielding, Oliver Cotton, Ian Hogg, Michael Maloney, Geraldine Somerville, Julian Glover and Saeed Jaffrey. First broadcast in 1998, the director was Jeremy Mortimer.
Sunday 13th Jan

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Anonymous said...

I wish that they provide a way to re-listen all three episodes together.