Monday, December 10, 2007

Estalvin's Legacy

Estalvin's Legacy is a new audio drama from Cossmass Productions. It's an epic sci-fi adventure set in Edinburgh (and the rest of the Cossmass!) with an elaborate plot (which requires some attention) and some interesting characters - I've really enjoyed the first few episodes and am looking forward to the next. It's great to see a production from the UK as well!

Ranging across the many parallel, and not so parallel, alternate realities of the Cossmass. Things aren't right in the greater reality know as the Cossmass. It encompasses thousands upon thousands of alternate realities. The stability of the Cossmass has been weakening. The collapse of an entire reality stream is no longer a mere theory.

The Kalsorin have an uneasy truce with the La'Shareti. Both have influence across several Reality Clusters. But the Kalsorin are keeping a secret from the La'Shareti that would bring a war that they could not win.

In a remote Cluster: Nicolas is older than he looks, and his memory is fading fast. Sarah and Peter have only known each other a short time when Liam appears. Liam has travelled the Cossmass for many years, always keeping out of sight of the Kalsorin. Until now.

Mystery, Adventure, Romance, Disaster and War across Alternate Realities.

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