Monday, October 1, 2007

BBC radio

This week BBC Radio 7 are rebroadcasting the multi-award winning "Bleak House" adapted from Charles Dickens' novel. It's an amazing production - dark and atmospheric - and definitely the best of Dickens' stories in my opinion. Like all BBC productions it will be on their website for a week.

Also on R7 this week are the repeats of last years Big Finish "Doctor who" audios (hopefully preceding some new ones!), and Douglas Adams' "Dirk Gentley's Holistic Detective Agency" is starting on BBC Radio 4 on Wednesday 3rd October. Oh, and I know it's not really drama, but there's a new series of the hilarious Old Harry's Game on R4! We're positively being spoilt!


finalrune said...

Hey thanks for the updates and great blog -- thanks for the link as well!

Give me a buzz sometime I'd love to talk shop and see how we might collaborate in some way.

All the best,
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Laura said...

Hi Fred,

Thanks! I'll get in touch.